founded to improve the balance between the representation of business users and IT vendors at European institutions, the cooperative of national CIO associations in Europe has just been launched. Through the national associations, represents more than 1000 CIO’s and companies across Europe. In discussions about digital transformation, the needs and perspectives of the business users are all too often lost within a focus on the interests of private consumers on the one hand and the technology-focus and interests of the IT-suppliers and service providers on the other. Both these groups traditionally have a strong representation in Brussels.

Yet for economic growth and prosperity in Europe and of European businesses, it has been shown that adoption of digital technology by business users is a key element. To ensure that the voice of the business user is clearly heard, will use its influence to actively promote professional users’ interests at the international and European levels.

Common positions towards the major IT service providers

As businesses rely more and more on digital services, recognizes the need to share common concerns towards strong international  IT services providers. There is a need to discuss issues like

  • cloud exit possibilities
  • risks on vendor lock in
  • the complicated software licensing schemes
  • acceptable practices for software publisher’s behavior
  • unambiguous software licensing contracts with a clear definition of responsibilities for both software vendors and the customers.

This cannot be done on the national level, but will the key issue for, and to create positions on the many regulatory issues, for the European Commission and related authorities.

Input towards the European Commission

Other shared topics for collaboration include the implementation of the EU general data protection regulations (GDPR), Privacy Shield implementations and impact, cyber security issues in companies, but also new evolutions like blockchain and artificial intelligence get our attention.

“In addition to strengthening our representation on the issues the national associations already address, this cooperation will allow us to work decisively on new domains, to enhance the scope of the services we provide to our members,” says Poul Erik Moelgaard Rasmussen, Secretary General of is very proud to announce a cooperation with Europol and planning a European Conference in Dusseldorf July 2nd and 3rd. The topic of this conference is European cooperation on handling digicrimes and cybersecurity problems.

“ will bring value to its members,” comments Thomas Endres, Chairman of “’s mission is to bring down all the barriers companies and public institutions face when developing their digital strategies. I am convinced that will enforce our efforts.” have today 10 members:



Poul Erik Moelgaard Rasmussen
Secretary General
Rond Point Schuman 6, Brussels
1040 Belgium

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