1. The association is completely independent from suppliers and external parties.
    The euro.digital operates independently and is financed entirely from the contribution of its members. Only members of national associations as wel as national association representatives participate in the network and our activities; ICT suppliers, consultants and other external parties do not have access. The members determine the agenda. The sharing of information always takes place on the basis of trust, members have the certainty that information and data are never available to third parties.
  2. Together we know more: exchanging practical knowledge and experience and inspiring each other.
    The informal nature of the meetings, and the safe environment without suppliers, means that participants can make contact easily and quickly. Inspiring each other during meetings by sharing practical knowledge and experience about recognizable issues and challenges creates synergies. This strengthens members and gives direction to the digital transformation of the entire organization.
  3. Together we can do more: advocacy on behalf of a strong collective.
    We collectively take up shared issues, to combine knowledge and expertise and divide the workload. The association also makes a fist where necessary to large external parties, as suppliers and government, to serve the interests of the members. The voice of the member base is represented nationally through our national associations. At European level we work together with similar associations as Europol, ISACA and CEPIS so that we can also strengthen our demands on an international scale.
  4. Access to many events through national associations
    Members of national associations as wel as national association representatives can participate free of charge in all meetings that are organized during the year on various current topics.