The top 5 most important current issues among European digital companies and corporations …

and all the progress that has to being made in global issues surrounding digital management, strategies, transformation, security and education, aiming to show the members and potential members the benefits of being part of the work done. And there is much more to be done.

  1. Digital transformation. Jobs and task that are disappearing fast in almost every single business due to digitalisation. There is a huge transformation of skills going on. How do we get European corporations get on board this development to maintain or realize a global competitive advantage as well as achieving real job growth with investment in human capital?
  2. Digital management and strategies. Importing and implementing digital business models into all kind of businesses actually elevates the role and tasks of the work force – today from repeatable and manual task towards creativity and design. Euro.Digital try to help the IT industry understand that new business models requires digitalisation, but also access to new job training.
  3. The global impact. The commercial and political power of global digital corporations like Amazon, Google, Huawei is immense. They dominate markets and have profound influence over technology, prosperity and the environment. In recognizing that globalization entails a process of transformation of markets, customers and use of technology European digital businesses has to understand these changes and act.
  4. Digital security. The CIO’s and IT business functions are involved in GDPR compliance process, but they do not lead the process. The processes are led by Risk, Compliance, Legal or other departments but CIOs have a huge responsibility in this process mainly in IT security area.
  5. Management education. A purely technical skillset is no longer sufficient. The CIO has to act as a business executive in order to earn a seat at the top table, and so do his/her managers and talents.