A strong and digital capable Europe targeting for fair and global cooperation and competition. We are strengthening Europe and European values!

The European Association of Leading Digital Enterprises (euro.digital) is the largest European, independent, not-for-profit representative for the large IT-users (demand side of IT), both private and public. Over 1000 organizations and over 700.000 IT workers are represented via a national association. These national associations are as members united within euro.digital.

Membership in euro.digital allows associations and their members CIO’s to sharing information, promoting digital management, establishing relationships and working together at European level on digital economy and for the better use of information and communication technology. Euro.digital is representing the digital industry towards European authorities, like the European Commission, European Parliament, etc. Being involved in euro.digital in addition to attending events can further raise your company profile as well as our common industry issues among local and European political leaders. This is mainly done via internal workgroups, web conferences, newsletters, network meetings, Interest Groups etc. for the National CIO communities.


We represent the IT Demand side to the outside world in positioning towards the European IT lawmaking, regulatory processes and vendors. By connecting the national IT demand organizations we enable a pan-European platform for digital leaders. We share knowledge, exchange experiences, inspire ech other and learn from other cultures. Euro.digital shares knowledge products (i.a. publications, researchpapers etc.) betwen national bodies which increases the knowledgebase for own members without extra costs.


The euro.digital’s governance is led by a Board of Directors who define content, direct its strategic orientation and ensures that the network’s goals and objectives are achieved. Meeting regularly, the Advisory Board proposes certain ideas and guidelines and develops new ways to enhance the network as a platform for CIOs.

(To be announced), President (Voice)

Danielle Jacobs, founding member (Beltug)

Ronald Verbeek, founding member (CIO Platform Nederland)

Mika Helenius, founding member (Tivia)

Michalis Moraitis, founding member (Hellenic CIO forum)

Poul Erik Moelgaard Rasmussen, Secretary General